How to Make Text Appear on Fire in Microsoft Word

Updated March 20, 2017

Microsoft Word lets you add pictures, shapes, charts, backgrounds and form fields to make your documents more attractive and user-friendly. In addition, you can change the way the text appears on your document by adjusting the font, size and colour. When you want to make text appear on fire, you can add WordArt to your document. WordArt is an editable gallery of text styles that you can add to create decorative effects.

Open the Microsoft Word document in which you want to insert WordArt.

Click the "Insert" tab and click "WordArt" from the "Text" group.

Click the orange and yellow example and a dialogue box appears on your screen.

Type the text in the "Text" box and click a font and text size from the drop-down lists.

Click "OK" to apply the WordArt to your document.

Right-click the WordArt and click "Format WordArt."

Click the "Colors and Lines" tab and click the "Fill Effects" button under the "Fill" heading.

Click the "Gradient" tab and click "Preset" under the "Colors" heading.

Click "Fire" from the drop-down list.

Adjust the transparency and shading styles to change the colour strength and direction of the gradient design.

Click "OK" on both dialogue boxes to apply the new fire settings.

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