How to Shuffle in MediaMonkey

Updated February 21, 2017

MediaMonkey is a digital media program, which allows you to archive, organise and play music files. You can also transfer songs to your MP3 player. An alternative to programs like Winamp, iTunes and Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey offers some specific features to enhance your music listening experience. For example, you can shuffle your music library, which means that all of your stored songs will play in random order.

Open MediaMonkey. You can download the software for free from After you install it, it will appear on your "Start" menu under "All Programs" (for Windows users) or inside your "Applications" folder (for Mac users).

Click the "Library" folder in your left column. You will then see a complete list of the songs in your MediaMonkey library. If you have not yet added songs to your MediaMonkey library, you can drag song files onto the software window with your mouse. Alternately, you can import music by inserting an audio CD into your CD-ROM drive and clicking the CD image on the tool bar near the top of your software window.

Click "Play" on the menu bar at the top of your screen and select "Shuffle" from the list. A check mark will appear to the left of the word "Shuffle," indicating that your library playlist is now in "Shuffle" mode.

Click the red "Play/Pause" button at the bottom of your software window. A random song from your library will begin playing, followed by more randomly selected songs. Your MediaMonkey library will continue to shuffle songs until you uncheck the "Shuffle" button under the "Play" menu.

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