How to Care for Mini Rex Babies

Updated July 20, 2017

The mini rex rabbit is a friendly, lovable breed of domestic rabbit that has become a popular pet. The breed is known for its small, round body, soft fur that resembles velvet and ears that are shorter than average for a rabbit. The mini rex also comes in a wide variety of colours, including white, black, tricolour, red and chocolate. This small, affectionate rabbit loves attention, especially when handled from the time it is a kit, or baby rabbit. If you are caring for mini rex babies, it is important to take care of their essential needs so they grow up to be healthy and social adult rabbits.

Provide a safe, stress-free environment away from loud noises for your mini rex kits from the time they are born or when you bring them to their new home. Allow the babies to stay with their mom until they are at least six weeks old. This helps ensure that they are well nourished until they are ready to eat on their own. If you are able to properly care for more than one mini rex, the breed is very social and enjoys being in pairs. But have them spayed or neutered when they are old enough so they don't produce unwanted rabbits, or be sure that your mini rex pair are the same sex.

Keep your mini rex baby rabbits in warm, safe housing. Rex rabbits can be kept in a hutch outside, in a cage in a basement or even indoors. Keep them away from dangers, such as dogs, that might see them as prey or scare them into shock. Use pelleted horse bedding or other small animal bedding to line the hutch or cage. If you keep mini rex babies outside, make sure the temperature never goes below 18.3 degrees Celsius (18.3 Celsius) or they may die. If it is hot, have plenty of ventilation for them. Make sure a rabbit hutch or cage is large enough for your mini rex babies to have room to sleep, eat, play and have a separate area for them to eliminate. If you keep your mini rex babies in your home, you can begin to litter train them around three to four months of age by putting droppings and litter soaked with rabbit urine into the box where you want them to go to the bathroom.

Free-feed your mini rex babies dry rabbit pellets until they are four to six months of age. At that stage, cut back the food amount to 1/2 cup (60 grams) of dry rabbit pellets per rabbit each day. Provide hey for them to supplement their diets. You can also give mini rex babies small carrots, leaves of lettuce, alfalfa, clover and dandelions. Have fresh water available for your mini rex babies 24 hours a day, every day.

Spend a lot of time with your mini rex baby rabbits to ensure that they will be affectionate and friendly. Pet them regularly, and let them cuddle on your lap. Rex rabbits are a friendly breed by nature, and will love the attention, especially when you provide it from the time they are babies. Hold your kits securely, and be careful they don't squirm out of your arms. You can also use quality time with your mini rex rabbits to groom them with a soft bristle brush and to trim their nails if needed.

Take your mini rex babies to see a veterinarian to check for any health concerns. Your vet can advise you on any additional care your kits might need, such as medicines or vaccinations. Continue vet care with an annual visit to ward off any potential problems, because rabbits are prone to disease and infections. Have your rabbits spayed or neutered when your veterinarian advises to ensure that no unwanted rabbits are born.


If you keep mini rex babies in a hutch outside, be sure to give them plenty of water and frozen water bottles during hot days to keep them cool. Do not keep young kits outside in the winter. They can not withstand cold temperatures. If you allow your mini rex rabbits to play in your yard, supervise them the entire time to protect them from danger or predators. Trim your mini rex rabbits' nails as needed, about once a month. Find a veterinarian that specialises in rabbits. Having proper vet care available when your rabbits are in need will help ensure that they live their full potential lifespans of 10 years or more.


If you have a pair of mini rex babies that are both males, watch them closely as they get older to make sure they get along. Male rabbits sometimes fight when grown. If this happens, having them neutered by your veterinarian will help. Never pick up a mini rex baby, or any rabbit, by their ears. This can cause pain and damage their delicate ears.

Things You'll Need

  • Baby mini rex rabbits
  • Dry rabbit pellets
  • Rabbit hutch or cage
  • Rabbit bedding
  • Water
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