Do-It-Yourself Driveway Coverings

Updated February 21, 2017

A worn asphalt driveway is a common sight for many homes. Though initially quite attractive, the asphalt can wear out over time due to traffic and weathering. For those unfamiliar with resurfacing projects, covering the driveway with a new coating is straightforward and takes only a single day of work. Upon completion, you can breathe easy knowing your driveway is protected for the next few years.

Clean up any grass hanging over the sides of the driveway, using the lawn edger.

Sweep away grass clippings and debris from the driveway, using the push broom.

Fill a plastic bucket with tap water and washing powder to create a soapy cleaner.

Scrub the cleaner onto the asphalt vigorously, using the stiff nylon-bristle brush to lift stains and grease.

Rinse the cleaner off the driveway, using the garden hose. Allow the surface to dry for four hours before continuing.

Fit asphalt crack filler into the caulking gun and slice off the tip at a 45 degree angle. Apply the asphalt crack filler into any cracks wider than a quarter-inch. Use the putty knife to smooth the filler so it is level with the driveway.

Wait for the asphalt filler to dry for two hours before continuing.

Stir the driveway sealant with the wooden stirrer until the mixture is uniform. Pour sealant onto the driveway and spread it with an applicator brush or broom in 4-by-4-foot sections. Smooth the sealant to a uniform quarter-inch thick coating until you have completed the driveway. Allow the sealant to dry for 48 hours before using the surface.


Use gloves when working with crack filler and sealant. Sealant usually comes in 5-gallon cans and is available from builder's supply stores or home improvement centres. Computer the quantity of sealant you need by measuring your driveway first. Sealant cans usually cover 100 square feet per gallon or 500 square feet per can.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawn edger
  • Small bucket
  • Water
  • Liquid washing powder
  • Nylon-bristle brush
  • Wire brush
  • Crack filler
  • Caulking gun
  • Putty knife
  • Coal-tar-based driveway sealer
  • Applicator brush
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