Instructions for Leap Pad Writing & Microphone

Updated July 20, 2017

LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. designs educational toys, books and games for kids in the preschool through middle school age range. The battery-operated LeapPad Writing and Microphone book platform uses specially designed books and cartridges, a pencil insert and a microphone. Kids can play learning games, practice their reading and writing skills, listen to stories and build language skills while interacting with their favourite characters. The learning system can also be used without the special pencil and microphone on several other leappad books.

Place the LeapPad interactive book on the open book platform and the microphone cartridge in the open slot on the right edge of toy.

Press the ON/OFF button to begin play.

Touch the attached stylus to a green "Go" circle on the page, then touch the words and pictures on the page to interact with the system.

Touch a red circle in the book with the stylus to record your voice. Speak into the microphone when prompted by a beep.

Insert the special lead pencil into the stylus. Twist the red pencil cap clockwise until it stops.

Touch a green "Go" circle on the page with the stylus, then touch the words and pictures on the page.

Touch the pencil point in the stylus to the page to write and draw.

Erase the pencil marks in the book with the included eraser.


Speak from 2-3 inches away from the microphone when recording. If the lead in the pencil breaks, tap two to three times on a hard surface to release more lead.


Children aged four and under should have adult supervision when using the learning system.

Things You'll Need

  • LeapPad Plus interactive book
  • LeapPad Plus cartridge
  • Pencil insert
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