How to Change the Theme on Skype

Updated March 23, 2017

Skype offers you the ability to communicate with family and friends who use the service from anywhere in the world. Some people even use Skype to replace a landline telephone or satellite phone when calling abroad. If you use Skype often, you might want to spice up the program's look. By changing the wallpaper or colour theme on your Skype installation, you can customise the program to look just how you want it.

Open Skype and type your user name and password into the boxes. Click "Sign In."

Click "Tools."

Click "Options."

Click "Choose a wallpaper to change how Skype looks" at the bottom of the window that appears.

Click on the circle next to the "Use Wallpaper" option. Click on one of the wallpaper offerings to apply it to Skype. Click "Browse" to choose a picture from your hard drive to use as Skype wallpaper.

Click the circle next to the option marked "Pick a Preset Color," then click on one of the colour options to apply a monochrome theme to Skype.

Click "Apply" when you have a wallpaper or colour theme you like. Click "OK" to exit the window.

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