How to Draw a Realistic Collie

Updated April 17, 2017

A collie is a type of dog that originated in Scotland and Northern England and that specialises in herding large groups of animals. This broad terminology describes any number of dog families, from longhair bearded collies to Welsh sheepdogs. These medium-sized dogs are still used as herding animals, while others are raised strictly as pets or show dogs. Drawing one of these animals in a realistic manner may seem like a difficult task to a novice artist, but patience is the key in creating a lifelike image of these particular dogs.

Select a picture of a collie that best reflects the image you have of the dog in your mind. Because you will be drawing this animal as realistically as possible, it is important to select an image that you will be able to recreate as best as you can.

Study the picture and all of the features of the dog. Notice the shape of the dog's body and how it connects to the head. Also take note of how the body is positioned.

Sketch the dog's head using light pencil marks, ensuring that the basic outline reflects the picture you are using as a reference guide. Sketch the body in a similar fashion, making sure that the proportions match that of the head. Use light pencil marks to avoid any erratic lines if you need to erase anything.

Add detail to the dog's head that best reflects the pictured image. Do not worry about the way the hair falls over its body just yet. Move below the head and continue adding detail to the body of the collie. Compare the drawing with the picture and erase any sections that do not realistically portray this animal.

Notice how the hair of the dog flows over the body. Use light pencil marks to add detail to the dog's fur coat, paying close attention to how it contours with the rest of the body you have drawn.

Trace over the pencil marks of the collie with an ink pen. Carefully outline all of the individual sections and detailed areas of the dog. Let the ink dry before erasing any pencil marks to clean up the picture, as the ink can easily smear when trying to do this.

Determine a common point on the page to act as the single light source of the dog. Use this point to assist you in shading the animal, creating a three-dimensional look. This realistic effect can be achieved with either the pen or the pencil, but each utensil adds its own personal effect to the picture.

Things You'll Need

  • Drawing pad
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Eraser
  • Pictures of collies
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