How to Copy & Paste From iBooks

Updated April 17, 2017

The Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad offer a new and exciting way to do everything from playing games to reading books. Apple's iBooks application allows users to download and read books, PDFs, and other documents on the device from anywhere and at anytime. Sometimes there is a passage that speaks to you, a study you need to cite in your work, or a quote you just have to share with friends. Using the capabilities of these devices, you can copy and paste words from iBooks into another application.

Double tap the first word you want to copy. The word should now be highlighted in blue.

Tap "Select" in the menu that appears above the word. There should now be handles next to the blue highlight.

Tap and drag the handle at the end of the word until you have selected the entire passage you want to copy.

Tap "Copy" in the menu above the highlighted area.

Open the application you want to paste into. Tap and hold a point on the screen until a menu appears, then tap "Paste."


Paste into Mail to send the passage to yourself or a friend and move the passage to a computer.


Some books will not allow you to copy in iBooks. These are copyrighted books that are protected, and while it is not illegal for you to copy them for use as citations, you will have to type or hand copy the text.

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