How to write a sponsorship letter for school

Updated March 24, 2017

If your school is having an event or is in need of funding for a program, one way to get sponsors is to write a sponsorship letter. A sponsorship letter can be used to raise funds for events such as a field trip or a school carnival. The sponsorship letter asks businesses and individuals to donate money to the school for the event. After sending a sponsorship letter, take the time to follow up personally with each recipient.

Head the sponsorship letter for your school. At the top, type the date. Then, type the name and address of the person or business to whom you're sending the letter.

Greet the business or person in the salutation, such as "Dear Mr. Myers" or "ABC Marketing Company Staff."

Explain the event, program or activity for which you want to raise money. Include details, including any educational element and how the event will help the school.

State that events, programs or activities like this are not possible without the generosity of community members.

Give a suggested donation amount, or a few, and talk about what exactly a donation will go toward. For example, a donation of £48 might help three underprivileged students attend a field trip.

Include where the donation can be sent, as well as where the person can go for more information, such as a person to contact or an Internet site.

Thank the recipient in advance for considering being a sponsor for your school and for their generosity..

Add a closing such as "Sincerely," and sign and type your name below it.

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