How to Rescan With the Sharp Aquos Digital TV

Updated April 17, 2017

Digital TVs are not plug and play devices. Unlike old analogue model TV sets, digital TVs have to be programmed to pick up local over-the-air broadcast TV signals. The TV is programmed through an operation called “channel scan.” If you find that your Sharp Aquos digital TV is not picking up all of the local broadcast channels available in your region, try repositioning your TV antenna and rescanning. If repositioning the TV antenna and rescanning for channels doesn’t resolve the issue of missing channels, you may need to connect a higher quality antenna to your TV then rescan again.

Turn on the TV.

Press “Menu” on the Sharp TV remote control to bring up the menu display.

Use the arrow buttons on the remote to highlight the “Setup” menu option. Press “Enter.”

Highlight “CH Setup.” Press “Enter.”

Highlight “Air/Cable.” Use the arrow buttons to select “Air” to rescan for over-the-air broadcast TV signals. In order to scan for broadcast TV signals you must have a TV antenna connected to the TV’s RF “Ant/Cable” input terminal.

Select “Channel Search” to initiate the automatic channel scan operation.


To clear the channel memory prior to rescanning for channels, unplug the TV's power cable and disconnect the TV antenna cable from the TV’s RF “Ant/Cable” input terminal. Leave the TV unplugged for five minutes then plug the TV's power cable back into an electrical socket. Initiate the automatic channel scan operation with the antenna cable disconnected. The channel memory should now be clear. Reconnect the TV antenna cable to the TV’s RF “Ant/Cable” input terminal. Initiate the automatic channel scan operation again.

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