How to Catch Taurus in "Pokemon Yellow"

Updated July 19, 2017

The mighty Tauros can only be captured in one location in "Pokemon Yellow." This huge, violent bull enjoys goring its foes using its silver horns. Tauros is a prized Pokemon due to its rarity, speed, defensive capabilities and attack power. Some of the fierce moves Tauros learns include Stomp, Rage and Take Down. The journey to catch a wild Tauros will likely bring players into contact with a host of other rare Pokemon, because Tauros can only be found in the Safari Zone preserve.

Go to Fuchsia City and enter the Safari Zone at the northern end of the city.

Pay the safari worker 500 dollars to enter the Safari Zone area. You are given 30 Safari Balls and an unlimited supply of bait and rocks.

Walk through the grassy areas of the first section inside the Safari Zone to randomly encounter wild Tauros.

Throw bait and rocks to make Tauros easier to capture. Throwing bait makes a Tauros less likely to run away but harder to catch inside a Safari Ball. Hitting a Tauros with rocks makes him easier to catch, but more apt to run away.

Use a Safari Ball to capture Tauros. If the Safari Ball doesn't work the first time, throw more rocks or bait at Tauros.


All Tauros are male, and cannot breed with any other Pokemon except for Ditto. Tauros does not evolve into another Pokemon.

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