How to make your own fundraiser tickets

Updated February 21, 2017

Making your own tickets for a fundraiser is not as difficult as it may seem. You can design the tickets on your computer, print them at home or work and make tickets that are custom designed. Take a moment to create a logo for the tickets if you're eager to put on the hat of being a graphic designer and there's no logo or graphic that already exists for the event. This will make the tickets look customised and add a professional touch.

Use a software program such as Microsoft Word or Publisher, or explore free ticket template sources on the Internet that will allow you to design four, six or eight tickets on one sheet of paper.

Select a template design that accommodates your fund-raising event title, date, and mention of any prizes. Make sure there is space to perforate the bottom to keep as a stub for a raffle or drawing.

Purchase a heavy paper stock from an office supply store such as a 10.9kg. card stock (similar to the weight of postcards). Read the label on the package to make sure the paper stock will work with your printer. Ask the store clerk to confirm the stock will work or have the clerk guide you to the right paper to buy.

Eliminate the need to make perforation marks if you are printing a large quantity of tickets by purchasing pre-perforated paper stock. Weigh the additional advantage of getting paper stock with preprinted numbers on the tickets (although it may cost more money), to make it easy to track sales and to announce the winner of raffles or drawings by their ticket number.

Perforate the stubs as a do-it-yourself task on plain card stock by using an empty ballpoint pen or the edge of a steel ruler to make a score line for tearing off the stub. Repeat on each sheet of paper before you print the tickets on your computer so you can perforate an entire sheet instead of one ticket at a time.

Test how well the stub tears off. Go back over the perforation marks if necessary so that ticket sellers can easily tear off the stub.

Print the tickets on your home printer and use a paper cutter to cut the tickets evenly. Check to make sure that the numbers are in order.

Divide the total quantity into equal stacks based on the number of tickets each person is responsible for selling, such as a booklet of 10, 20, and so forth. Staple the middle of the left side of the ticket (where the stub is) to hold the tickets together as a booklet.

Inform ticket sellers to write down the name of ticket purchasers if the stubs are not pre-numbered.

Set a date for sellers to return all unsold tickets. Tally the total number of tickets sold, money raised, and put the stubs for the drawing or raffle in a safe place until the day of the event.


After printing the tickets you can take the paper to a printer to have it cut if you don't own a paper cutter.

Things You'll Need

  • Ticket design software templates
  • Paper
  • Pre-perforated stock (optional)
  • Steel ruler or ballpoint pen to score stub
  • Paper cutter
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