How to Delete My Clippings on Kindle

Updated February 21, 2017

When you read books and periodicals on Amazon's Kindle e-reader, you may want to save a clipping of an article so you can read it later, or highlight text, set a bookmark, or write notes to yourself about what you're reading. Bookmarks, highlights, clippings and notes are saved in the Kindle's "My Clippings" file for future reference. If you want to get rid of your "My Clippings" file, you can easily delete it on your Kindle.

Press the "Home" button on your Kindle.

Press the five-way navigation controller down until you underline "My Clippings" in the display.

Press the navigation controller left to highlight "Delete."

Press the navigation controller to confirm you want to delete "My Clippings."

Press the navigation controller to select "OK." The "My Clippings" file is deleted.


After you delete "My Clippings," the Kindle creates a new "My Clippings" file when you add a new annotation, highlight or clipping on the device.

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