How to Get a Tan for Guys

Updated February 21, 2017

Tan skin can make men and women feel more attractive. If you live in an area that does not get much sun, or just want to eliminate your pasty skin for summer, there are a variety of options for tanning. Any time that men use a tanning salon, or tans outside in the sun, there is damage to the skin. That is especially true for men with fair skin. Another way to get a tan for guys is to use sunless or spray tans.

Be active in the sun. A cost effective way to get a tan for guys is to be active out in sunlight. Another option is to lay out in the sun or sit in the sun. As men often like to be active, playing soccer, volleyball or even swimming are all ways to get a tan. Depending on the original colour of your skin, it may take several times of doing this to get the tan that you desire. Spend one hour in the sun every other day at the beginning. If your skin tolerates it without burning, bump it up to two hours. Continue until reaching the desired colour. Maintain the colour by spending about three hours a week in the sun.

Tan in tanning beds. Some men might feel that using tanning beds is something that girls do. That is not the case. Men often use tanning beds to show off a muscular physique or to feel more comfortable at the beach. One benefit of using a tanning bed is that you can develop a tan in a faster amount of time. Start slowly and do not tan for two consecutive days in a row. The first session should not last longer than five minutes. Add one minute to the tanning time each week. The maximum time that you can tan in the beds is 20 minutes. Continue adding more time to each session until you get tan.

Use sunless tanning lotion. There are lotion, gel and spray tan formulas. Apply sunless tanners all over the body. Wear gloves when doing so or wash off your palms immediately. Within 12 hours, a golden tan will appear. Depending on the product and your skin, guys will have to reapply about every three days or so.

Get a spray tan. Men, as well as women, can get spray tans at salons. Many tanning salons offer this service. It does not damage the skin and is essentially a sunless tanner. Instead, you go into a booth and get sprayed with the tanner. A spray tan lasts up to one week at a time.


To get a faster tan, use indoor tanning lotion when indoor tanning. Keep skin moisturised to prolong your tan.


Exposing skin to tanning beds or the sun increases your risk of skin cancer.

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