How to repair a broken luggage handle

Updated April 17, 2017

Every traveller has encountered a broken luggage handle while on a journey, but this need not dampen your spirit. It's best to replace a broken luggage handle, but in a pinch, you can quickly fix the problem with some duct tape and travel happily ever after.

Buy a new handle from your local hardware store or any other store that may stock the part. Make sure it is the same size, type and colour as the one on your luggage -- otherwise it may not fit. You may want to take the broken piece with you when you shop for a new handle.

Open the bag, and find where the handle is connected to the bag. You may have to open the liner -- often attached with zippers -- to find the connecting screws or bolts.

Using a screwdriver, remove the bolts or screws and take out the broken handle.

Install the new handle. Make sure the handle goes through the top of the luggage so it can be accessed to pull the bag.

Screw the new handle into place.

Return all liners and any other materials.

Zip up the luggage and pull on the handle to extend it. Your luggage should now be as good as new.

If you are in an emergency, purchase super glue and duct tape from a convenience store.

Apply 10 drops of super glue to the area where the handle broke. Press the handle firmly together for 30 seconds.

Wrap the handle with duct tape. Start wrapping from one end of the handle. The duct tape should overlap when wrapping it. This applies added strength to the handle.


Do not over-tighten screws or bolts -- they could break. Exercise caution when working with a screwdriver.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement handle
  • Screwdriver
  • Duct tape
  • Super glue
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