How to Make a Clay Owl

Updated February 21, 2017

Clay craft is fun for both children and adults. If you are an owl lover, or know someone who is, making a clay owl is a great way of expressing your affection for the wise feathered friends while getting creative with clay. You can use regular potter's clay if you have access to a pottery kiln, or use polymer clay that can be baked at home in the oven.

Roll a ball of polymer clay, slightly egg-shaped, around 2 inches high and wide in the owl's body colour of choice.

Roll six tear-shaped pieces of clay in the colour of the owl's feet, around 1/2-inch long. Place three of the pieces with the pointy ends touching on the work surface, and the other three in the same position around an inch away. Sit the body of the owl on top of the feet, so that it looks like three clays are sticking out on each side of the body.

Roll a 1-inch ball of clay in the same colour as the body colour for the owl's head. Pinch up two "ears" on either side of the head, around 1/4 inch long. Hold the ball in your hands and press both thumbs lightly into the face, just under the ears to give the rounded "eyebrows" of the owl's face.

Stick the head to the body, the face in the same direction as the feet are going. Smooth the seam between the head and the body so that it looks like one piece.

Form two flat tear drop shaped pieces for wings; they can be from the same colour as the body or a different colour for some contrast. The teardrops should be about 1 1/2 inch long, and about 3/4 wide at the rounded end.

Stick the wings to each side of the body, angled down and slightly out at the back. Use a pin end to carve on lines on the bottom edge of the wing for a feathered effect if desired.

Roll two small balls, around 1/4 inch in either yellow or white clay for the eyes. Stick them in the centre of the thumb prints, then prick each eye with a pin to give the iris. You can add character to the owl with how you place the iris -- to the side will look sneaky or shifty, looking up is cute, while looking down is sad.

Make a teardrop shape for the beak in the desired colour, around 1/4 inch long. Stick the beak between the eyes, just a little further down the face. Bake the owl, following the manufacturer's baking time recommendations.

Things You'll Need

  • Polymer clay, various colours
  • Pin
  • Baking tray
  • Oven
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