How to Copy & Save Documents on a Laptop to a Memory Stick

Updated April 17, 2017

If you switch between a laptop and a desktop computer, or a personal and a work computer, it's all too easy to leave an important file behind. Using a memory stick to save and transport files between machines provides increased convenience and makes it simple to share documents with co-workers or clients on the fly. A memory stick works like an additional laptop hard drive, and you can copy and save documents to it just as you can to your actual laptop hard drive.

Click "Start" then "Computer" on your laptop. A list of drives appears.

Plug in your memory stick while watching the list of drives. The one that changes or newly appears is your memory stick drive. Make careful note of its drive letter, such as "J."

Double-click on your memory stick drive icon.

Click "Start" then "Documents."

Right-click on any file you want to copy to your memory stick. Select multiple files at once by holding down "Ctrl" while clicking multiple file icons, then right-click on any highlighted file.

Choose "Copy."

Return to the memory stick drive window.

Right-click inside the window. Choose "Paste." Your files now copy.

Open the document you want to save directly to your memory stick.

Click "File" then "Save As."

Choose your memory stick drive letter, such as "J," from the drop-down menu at the top.

Click "Save." Your file is now saved to your memory stick.

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