How to pose females for glamour photos

Written by mark spowart | 13/05/2017
How to pose females for glamour photos
Create angles and long lines when posing females for a glamour photo shoot. ( Images)

Glamour photography is very similar to the "pin-up" style of photography from the 1940s and 1950s. This type of photography is best known for creating images of women who are dressed and positioned in seductive poses, without crossing the line into nude or partially nude photography. When posing someone for a glamour photography shoot, you will accentuate the individual's natural lines and photograph them in a way that highlights these natural curves.

Prepare your studio or shooting area for the shoot with a lounge chair, couch or daybed.

Position your model on the lounge chair, couch or daybed. Begin with a simple pose where the model is looking directly at the camera but is lying so her feet are the farthest away from the camera. Position the model so she is lying on her side with her legs slightly bent. Have her rest on her elbows so her shoulders are not square to the camera lens, but are positioned diagonally from the bottom corner of the viewfinder to the opposite top corner of the viewfinder. Take the picture and move around creating slight variations to the pose but always keeping an "S" shape to your model.

Have your model lie on her back, with the small of her back slightly arched. Have one her legs lying straight, the other raised with her foot on the daybed beside her opposite knee. Turn her opposite shoulder toward her knee, and have her look back toward your camera. Take the picture and move around the model, always keeping her fully in the viewfinder.

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