How to upload voicemail greetings

Updated April 17, 2017

Voicemail greetings are prerecorded greetings for your phone. If you aren't happy with your current voicemail greeting, try using a professional, witty or interesting greeting instead. The Internet has plenty of free, downloadable voicemail greetings for your phone.

Open a Web browser. Download a prerecorded voicemail greeting from the Internet. Examples of websites that have prerecorded greetings include, and

Save the file to your computer's desktop for easy access.

Dial "1" or your 10-digit mobile phone number to enter your voicemail system. Log into the system using your password.

Choose the option for "Greetings" and "Custom Greetings." Press the button that starts the recording process.

Hold your phone close to the speakers for the best quality. Play the file on your computer.

Listen to your voicemail greeting. Save, or record if the message is not clear.


Close the windows and doors in your home to keep out any noise when recording.

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