How to make rotating cake stands at home

Bakers and cake decorating experts rely on special tools and equipment to help them create gorgeous desserts. When frosting and decorating a cake, rotating the cake makes it easy to create beautiful swirls and clean, smooth edges. A rotating cake stand makes this a simple process. Make rotating cake stands at home out of basic kitchen materials to make it possible to decorate cakes with a professional flair.

Place the soup bowl right-side-up on the countertop.

Set the Lazy Susan turntable on top of the soup bowl, centring the turntable perfectly on top of the soup bowl for greatest stability.

Place the cake (on a cake plate) onto the Lazy Susan.

Rotate the cake by spinning the Lazy Susan either clockwise or counter-clockwise.


After applying the frosting to the sides and top of a cake, use a clean spatula to finish the sides of the cake. Hold the spatula gently against the side edge of the cake and spin the Lazy Susan. The pressure of the spatula against the spinning cake will create a finished edge. Spinning the cake on the makeshift rotating cake stand will help you create results that look similar to professional cake decorating.

Things You'll Need

  • Ceramic soup bowl (8-inch diameter)
  • 12-inch plastic lazy Susan turntable (for organising cupboards)
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