How to Upload Pictures on Tumblr

Updated April 17, 2017

Tumblr is a blogging service that lets you share anything you want, such as links, videos, blog posts and photos from your Internet browser, phone, desktop or e-mail. Half of the posts shared each month on Tumblr are photos, according to Tumblr. Before you can share your own photos or pictures, they need to be uploaded to your Tumblr account and posted. After you upload images, they appear on your Tumblr blog for other users to comment on or reblog.

Log in to your Tumblr account to access your dashboard. Click "Photo" from the menu at the top of your dashboard to continue.

Press the "Choose File" button at the top of the "Upload a Photo" page. Navigate to the location of the picture you want to upload from your computer. Click the picture and press "Open."

Type a caption for your picture if you want to include one. Click "Create Post" to upload the picture and post it to your Tumblr blog as a photo post.

Log in to your Tumblr account's dashboard. Click the "Text" link from the menu at the top of the page to begin a text post.

Click the "Upload Photo" link located above the right-hand upper corner of the "Post" text box. Find and click the picture you want to upload from your computer to Tumblr. Click the "Open" button.

Continue typing your text post as normal. Click the "Create Post" button to post your text post and image to your Tumblr blog.


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