How to Get Rid of a Broken Piano

Written by harrison pennybaker | 13/05/2017
How to Get Rid of a Broken Piano
Broken pianos can be disposed of with a quick phone call or a few clicks. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Sadly, that beautiful piano that once provided you with hours of entertainment has met its maker. What to do? Pianos can be fun to play and beautiful pieces of decor, but a broken piano -- especially one that is old and rundown -- can be a major eyesore. Unfortunately, it's probably a half-ton eyesore, which means that it probably can't go out with trash. Luckily, there are several ways to get rid of a broken piano.

Make sure you want to get rid of the piano. Sometimes, a piano can be repaired and refurnished. This route might make sense if the piano is a fine make, such as Steinway and Sons or Kawai. In some cases, it can be less expensive to fix a piano than to get rid of it.

Call a junk or trash service. If the piano must go, then you will need to call your local trash or junk disposal service. Sometimes, the city or county themselves offer this service; other times, you will need to call a private junk disposal service such as Junk-USA or 1-800-Got-Junk.

Arrange a pickup time. Arrange a time for the service workers to come by to collect the piano. Ensure that someone is home during this time or time-span.

Pay and say goodbye to your piano. Most junk disposal services -- public or private -- charge for collection. This should be made clear to you at the outset and a quote should be given before pickup is arranged. Once the piano is gone, pay for the disposal and enjoy your newly reacquired space.

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