How to freeze okra without blanching

While you can freeze okra or any vegetable without blanching them in boiling water first, you need to anticipate losing taste and texture quality. The colour will also fade after freezing if you haven't blanched the okra first. To keep the okra as well preserved as possible while it's frozen, make sure you use a freezer container that is easy to seal and keeps moisture out. Always freeze foods at a temperature setting of -18 degrees C (0F) for safety.

Wash the okra and pat it dry with paper towels. Make sure the okra is fully dry. If the okra is still damp, condensation may develop in the bag and this will affect the quality of the frozen okra and potentially breed bacteria.

Add the okra to freezer bags and pack full but not too tight.

Freeze the okra at -18 degrees C (0F). Your frozen okra will keep for six to eight months.

Things You'll Need

  • Okra
  • Freezer bags
  • Paper towels
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