How to Tell If Someone Has Deleted You From Skype

Web-based calling service Skype allows you to call mobile phone and landlines worldwide from your computer or a supported mobile device for a small charge. The program also allows you to call your Skype contacts via text, voice or video, although this service is available free of charge. In order to contact someone via Skype, he must approve your request to be a contact. If he deletes you, you can no longer contact him. If you believe you've been deleted, attempt to find evidence of your being deleted before you jump to conclusions.

Login to the Skype account you believe your friend has deleted. Scroll through your "Contact List" to see if your friend appears as "Online," "Away" or "Busy," denoted by green, yellow and red icons, respectively. If your friend appears in any of these ways, she has not deleted you.

Attempt to send your friend a Skype message if she appears as offline. Skype users can also set themselves to invisible. In this instance, it's possible for them to send and receive messages, but appear as offline in spite of being online. If your friend replies, he hasn't blocked you entirely, but he may have deleted you.

Contact a mutual Skype contact and ask if she sees the friend you believe deleted you online. If she does but you don't, you have been deleted from that person's Contact list. If you can't even contact the person, you have been blocked.


If you choose to ask the user, using other means, why he deleted you, make sure to send only one message and not to be harassing or you could violate Skype's "Terms of Service," even if you're not using Skype to communicate. Additionally, avoid re-adding the user until he tells you it's OK to do so, as Skype may consider this harassment .

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