How to Update Silverlight

Updated April 17, 2017

As a competitor to Adobe Flash, Silverlight is an application that allows you to create media-rich experiences for the web. Every version of Silverlight has an auto updater that compares your current version to the latest version available for download. If your version is outdated, the updater will either update it automatically or prompt you with a dialogue box to download and install the new version. For certain systems, the auto updater will not work and you must update Silverlight manually via the Microsoft or Silverlight website.

Launch the Silverlight application. If it does not update your version automatically, right-click on the plug-in or click the "Start" menu and the Silverlight folder to access the Microsoft Silverlight Configuration box.

Enable automatic updates by clicking the "Updates" tab and selecting one of two options: "Install Updates Automatically" or "Check For Updates, But Let Me Choose Whether to Download and Install Them."

Navigate to the Microsoft Update website if you cannot access the automatic update options. Check for updates to Microsoft Windows components and install them onto your computer.

Uninstall Silverlight if the update options remain inaccessible. Click the "Start" menu, "Control Panel," and then "Add or Remove Programs." Select "Microsoft Silverlight" and click the "Remove" button. Click "Yes" to complete the process.

Visit the Silverlight website or the "Get Siverlight" page of the official Microsoft website. Download the latest version of the application to your hard drive. Click "Run" if prompted, or simply click on the file to start the download.

Restart your browser, reopen the Microsoft Silverlight Configuration box and enable automatic updates.


If you are using Silverlight's Group Policy Settings, you must log in as a user with administration rights to access the auto updater.

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