How to Divide a Page Into Rows & Columns on MS Word

Updated May 10, 2017

Excel isn't the only Microsoft Office product capable of producing rows and columns in its documents. It's also possible to divide a page into rows and columns on MS Word. To create rows and columns, use Word's table feature. It contains a number of options for setting up your document. This includes the ability to change table styles, draw unique tables and modify the number of rows and columns each table includes.

Start MS Word. Click in the top-left area of the page you're dividing into rows and columns.

Click the "Insert" tab and find the Tables group.

Click "Table" to open a drop-down menu. The menu contains a grid filled with small boxes.

Drag your cursor diagonally across the grid until it highlights the number of columns and rows you want in the document. Click the grid when you've selected the appropriate amount. This adds a table to your document.

Place your cursor over the bottom-right corner of the table. Click your mouse when the cursor turns into a diagonal arrow.

Drag the table down and to the right until it covers the entire page. Release the mouse button to divide the page into rows and columns in MS Word.


Word 2010 has the ability to add an actual Excel spreadsheet to your document. If you'd rather do that than manually configuring a table, the option is under "Table" on the "Insert" tab.

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