How to Maintain the Vacurect

Updated April 17, 2017

The Vacurect is a vacuum powered device used to create and maintain an erection in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. This device can be used during sexual encounters as well as on a regular basis to prevent atrophy and maintain overall sexual health by restoring blood flow in the vascular tissues of the penis. The Vacurect is available in two different versions: the Vacurect Rx prescription model and the Vacurect OTC over-the-counter model. Both models are hand powered and can be stored in the accompanying carrying case. The models are accompanied by 10 tension system discs for user comfort and performance.

Sort through the 10 tension system discs and compare the size of the openings to the diameter of the flaccid penis. Choose the tension system disc that is the appropriate size.

Press the appropriate tension system disc into the base of the cylinder. Place the disc in the palm of your hand, centre the disc over the base opening and press firmly.

Open the tube of personal lubricant that was provided with the Vacurect. Squeeze a small amount of the lubricant onto your finger. Spread half of the lubricant on the top and sides of the tip of the penis. Spread the remaining lubricant around the opening in the tension system disc.

Push the tip of the penis against the opening in the tension system disc.

Grasp the bottom of the Vacurect in one hand and the top of the Vacurect in the other. The bottom of the Vacurect should be held steady. Move the top of the Vacurect up and down with your hand to create a vacuum. This repeated motion will draw the penis into the Vacurect.

Grasp the edges of the tension system disc. Hold the disc at the bottom of the penis while lifting the Vacurect up and off of the penis. This step should only be done once an erection has been achieved.

Remove the tension system disc by gently sliding it up the penis shaft and over the head. This step should only be done after an erection is no longer desired.


The tension system disc should be left on the penis shaft and should be located at the base of the penis. This disc will help to maintain the erection during sexual encounters or for the amount of time recommended by your physician. Removal of the tension disc will be easier if the penis has returned to a flaccid state. The prescription model Vacurect may be covered by Medicare or private insurance if related to a diagnosed erectile dysfunction. Consult with your health care practitioner for a diagnosis. A 24-hour counselling service is available for any questions or problems that may be associated with the Vacurect.

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