How to Use a Bissell Dirt Lifter Powerbrush

Updated April 17, 2017

The Dirtlifter Powerbrush is an upright carpet cleaner manufactured by Bissell, one of the leaders in vacuums and carpet cleaners.The Dirtlifter Powerbrush comes equipped with a built-in measuring cup that eliminates the guesswork out of determining how much liquid cleaner to use. It is also equipped with a two-in-one water tank that allows you to maximise tank space. The Powerbrush's floating suspension also automatically sets itself at the proper carpet height to ensure deep cleaning.

Move furniture if need be and then vacuum the carpet with your vacuum cleaner.

Pre-treat stained or heavy-traffic areas with Bissell Tough Stain Pre-cleaner by spraying it onto the dirty areas before powering up your Dirtlifter Powerbrush.

Depress handle lever at the bottom rear of the cleaner and place handle in the inclined position.

Pull upwards on the water tank's handle to remove the tank from the machine. Turn the handle counter-clockwise to unlatch the lid.

Flip the lid upside down and fill the built-in measuring cup to the marked level and then fill the bladder with hot water.

Slide the tank lid back in place by lining it up with the edges of the tank. Twist the lid to the right into place.

Plug the machine in and turn on the power switch on the rear of the handle.

Press the spray trigger on the handle and then make one wet forward pass and another pass backwards over the carpet. Continue this process until you have cleaned the entire carpet.

Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bissell Tough Stain Pre-cleaner (optional)
  • Bissell 2X liquid cleaner
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