How to Locate Hidden Partition on Acer

Updated April 17, 2017

Instead of being shipped to end users with a Windows installation CD or DVD, Acer computers have the Windows installation code stored in a hidden partition of each computer's hard disk. When and if a user invokes the special system recovery utility, that utility fetches the required software packages from the system partition to repair or reinstall Windows on another, visible, partition on the hard disk. You can find out the location of the hidden partition on your Acer computer.

Log in to the computer as Administrator.

Click "Start," then "Control panel." Enter "partition" into the search box. Click "Create and format hard disk partitions." Windows will list the partitions present on your hard disk.

Search for a hidden partition on the list. Hidden partitions are named "System Reserved." Right-click on such a partition, then select "Properties." Find out the hidden partition's boundaries -- start and end cylinder numbers -- in the resulting informational window, together with additional information such as the partition's type.

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