How to make 8-bit sounds with audacity

Written by qyou stoval | 13/05/2017

In rare cases -- say, programmers trying to create vintage video game sounds -- it may be desirable to record or export sound in the inferior 8-bit format. Audacity defaults at CD-quality 16- to 24-bit sampling, but it does allow you to manually change the sample rates to 8-bit.

Have the audio file you would like to convert into 8-bit already open within Audacity. If you would like all of your audio files to export in 8-bit, then no files need to be open.

Click the "Edit" menu at the top of the screen.

Scroll down to "Preferences." Navigate to "File Format" tab.

Click the drop-down under "uncompressed export format" and select the 8-bit option. You can export in an 8-bit format as a .wav file or as an Apple file. Click "OK."

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