How to Mate My Male French Bulldog

Smaller and lighter than their English Cousins, French bulldogs are lapdogs. According to the American Kennel Club, French lacemakers working in England intentionally bred small English bulldogs and created this toy breed. When the Industrial Revolution displaced the French artisans, they brought their small dog back to France. Today, strict breeding standards protect the pure bloodline. Like all bulldogs, breeding a male French bulldog, or stud, requires planning and help. Some breeders simply forego natural breeding and use artificial insemination.

Make your male available for breeding. The owner of the female chooses the stud. There are several ways to let owners of female french bulldogs know that you have an available stud. You can register your stud with the American Kennel Club. You can also advertise with French bulldog newsletters and websites. Let your vet and local French bulldog club know that you have an available stud.

Negotiate with the owner of the female. Agree to the stud fee and location. The fee you might expect from offering your dog to stud varies wildly depending on the age of the dog, his colouring, the number of successful litters, and his breeding papers. If your stud has won any awards or comes from an award-winning bloodline, you should expect more than a stud that has no honours.

Check the stud's health thoroughly. The stud must test negative for brucellosis, a canine venereal disease.

Agree on the stud arrangement. This may include travel fees, boarding fees and stud fees.

Check the bitch's health. Have a clean bill of health in hand to ensure that your stud is safe from brucellosis.

Bring the female to the stud. According to the AKC, a new environment generally less affects a female in heat than a stud, so the female usually travels to the stud's home.

Introduce the male and female. Give them time to get to know one another. Depending on the dogs, this may take from a few minutes to several hours.

Mount the male on the female. If the male is tall enough, he may be able to mount the female naturally from behind. However, the short legs and heavy forequarters make is difficult for a male to mount a mate. Breeders may want to lift the front of the male and position him on the female, supporting his chest. Another option is to use a breeding bench. This is a ramp situated on either side of the female. The male supports himself by standing with his front legs on the ramp while he mounts the female from behind.

Leave the dogs "tied" until they naturally separate. It may take as long as 30 minutes for the swelling in the stud's penis to reduce enough to release the female.


Breed French bulldogs in a cool or air-conditioned environment since French bulldogs are prone to overheating.

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