How to Aim at Clay Pigeons

Written by larry anderson | 13/05/2017
How to Aim at Clay Pigeons
Shooting clay pigeons helps hunters hone their skills. (FPG/Retrofile/Getty Images)

Some upland bird hunters practice before the hunting season by shooting at clay pigeons. For others, shooting at clay pigeons -- known as skeet shooting -- is a sport in itself. In both cases the clay pigeons fly through the air, so shooters learn to fire at a moving target. While the clay pigeons may fly from a wide variety of angles, shooters who know how to aim at them properly will hit them most consistently.

Hold the shotgun so the butt is against your shooting shoulder. Your shooting hand should be near the trigger, while your other hand holds the gun on the stock just before it meets the barrel to provide stability.

Bend your neck so your cheek is against the shotgun stock and you are looking down the barrel with your dominant eye.

Follow the flying clay pigeon with your shotgun. As you are looking at it, the pigeon should be slightly above the end of the gun.

Move the end of the gun so it is slightly ahead of the clay pigeon.

Pull the trigger, but keep swinging your gun. A proper follow through after pulling the trigger will increase the number of pigeons you hit.

Things you need

  • Shotgun

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