How to Turn Off Autosave in Corel Draw

Updated February 21, 2017

Corel Draw, spelt as CorelDRAW, is a graphic design program for Windows systems that includes a user-friendly interface and automatic file saving and backup features. The program's Autosave feature saves your files after a set amount of minutes. If you are using an older or slower system, the Autosave feature may pause CorelDRAW and prevent you from using the program until the save process is complete. However, you can turn off Autosave without disabling the program's manual save process.

Click "Tools" on CorelDRAW's main toolbar at the top of the screen. Click "Options" to access the program's preferences and configurations.

Click the "Open & Save" link in the left pane of the Options dialogue box. Click the check box next to "Autosave every:" to remove the check mark.

Click "OK" to accept the change and close the "Options" dialogue box.


To disable CorelDRAW's automatic backup feature, click "Tools" and "Options." Click the "General" link in the left pane of the Options dialogue box, then click the check box next to "Create Backup" under the heading "Assurance" to remove the checkmark. Click "OK" to accept the change and close the Options dialogue box.

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