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One of the most recognizable shoes in the world, Chuck Taylors maintain the status as the world's oldest basketball shoe. Designed by All Star Converse, they are also the world's best selling basketball shoe, which is no minor feat in a modern world of Air Jordans.


Converse opened for business in 1908; however, the now famous Chuck Taylor model was not introduced until 1917.


Originally created as specialty sneakers for basketball players, and particularly beloved by its namesake (professional basketball player Chuck Taylor), sales of the shoes took off amongst the general public as well.


The sneaker design varies but the most popular model features high or low-top cuts, a canvas make-up with a rubber toe covering, and an All Star logo and Chuck Taylor signature emblazoned on the side.

Famous Ties

Chuck Taylors have certainly been associated with sports figures, but popular rock stars such as Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder and the Ramones have all famously sported pairs.

Fun Fact

All Star Converse have become such a mainstay of popular culture in the United States, current estimates state that at least 60 percent of Americans own or have owned a pair of Chuck Taylors.

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