How to Make an Ancient Egyptian Crown

Updated November 21, 2016

Egyptian pharaohs did not wear headgear resembling traditional European crowns. Their crowns were not spiked circlets of gold, but elaborate headdresses of fabric and ornaments. At first, the pharaohs of Upper and Lower Egypt wore different crown styles. When the country united, so did the crowns. The white, conical crown of Upper Egypt fitted perfectly inside the red, hollow crown of Lower Egypt. Pharaohs after the unification always wore the crowns together. With a little engineering, you can too.

Adjust an old baseball cap to fit you perfectly. Cut away the bill with sharp scissors so you just have a canvas beanie hat. You don't need the bill for your Lower Egypt crown.

Nip six pieces of 18-inch length wire. Hot glue the wires to the edge of your beanie hat so they stick straight up.

Carefully bend and manipulate the wires so they create a conical cage. The cage should curve slightly at the sides and have a small knob at the top, similar to the tip of a baby's bottle.

Brush the wires with glue and cover the cage with tissue paper. Gently fold and manipulate the paper so it covers the cage. Add at least two more layers of tissue so the Lower Egypt crown looks smooth and solid. Let it dry overnight.

Draw a template for your Upper Egypt crown on a piece of red cardstock. Draw an 18-inch long, 6-inch wide, horizontal rectangle first. Draw a 12-inch long, 4-inch wide rectangle perpendicular to the first. Draw curving lines on either side of the vertical rectangle connecting it to the horizontal rectangle.

Cut out your shape. Wrap it around the Lower Egypt crown with the vertical rectangle in the back. Glue the resulting Upper Egypt crown to the Lower Egypt crown. Allow the glue to dry overnight.


If you like, use part of a rubber cobra to decorate the front of your crown. Cut the cobra down to about 5 inches of body and a head. Spray paint it gold and paint in the details with black and blue metallic paint. Glue the snake to the front of your crown with hot glue.

Things You'll Need

  • Old baseball cap
  • Scissors
  • 20 gauge craft wire
  • Wire nips
  • Hot glue
  • White tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Red cardstock
  • Pencil
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