How to Make Paper Cakes

Paper cakes consisting of small boxes in the shape of cake slices are a clever way to decorate for a party. In addition, each box becomes a party favour, holding small trinkets, toys or candies for each guest. Paper cakes can be decorated in any fashion, just as real cakes can. Because of this, you can make them to fit any party theme, such as a bridal or baby shower, wedding reception, birthday party or holiday celebration.

Download a paper cake-slice template. Templates are available on a few different websites (see Resources). Resize it on your computer, if you like, and print it out. Cut out the template.

Trace the template onto a sheet of decorative paper. The paper should be easily folded, but not too bulky. For example, construction paper and origami paper are good for this project. Cut out the shape. If the template has a slot, use a craft knife to make a cut for the slot.

Use the folding lines, usually dotted lines, on the template as a guide. Score the folds on the decorative paper with a bone folder to make them easy to fold. Use a straight edge to help you score straight lines if you need it.

Crease the folding lines sharply toward the inside of the shape. The printed or coloured side of the paper should be facing outward. The paper should begin taking on the shape of a slice of cake at this point.

Glue or tape the flaps on the bottom of the paper cake slice to the inside of the cake shape. If the template has a tab and slot, insert the tab into the slot. Place a small piece of tape or a decorative sticker on the paper cake to hold the tab in the slot. Tuck the flaps on the top of the cake slice inside, but leave them unattached so you can open and close the box.

Decorate the paper box like a real slice of cake, using lace, beads or other items to simulate frosting and decorations.


Line the paper cake box with tissue paper and put in candy, small toys or goodies for party favours. Make enough cake-slice boxes to assemble into a whole cake. Make enough cakes to stack for a layer-cake look.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper cake-slice template
  • Decorative paper
  • Craft knife
  • Glue or tape
  • Bone folder
  • Ornamentation (stickers, ribbon, beads, lace)
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