Instructions for How to Knit a Round Pillow

Updated July 20, 2017

Pillows add texture and dimension to a room's decor. With a hand-knitted round pillow you can show off your personality by making it whatever colour or colours you prefer. This pattern knits up quickly and is worked in circular stockinet stitch, which means knitting all rounds. You will need to know how to knit, increase, join, work on double-pointed needles and circular needles in the round and bind off for this project. Increases are made by knitting into the front and back of the stitch and you will need to change to circular needles when necessary.

Holding two pieces of yarn as one, cast on 8 stitches using double-pointed needles. Divide the stitches evenly onto four needles.

Join the yarn into a circle and place a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round. Knit first round.

Knit into the front and back of all 8 stitches in the second round, making 16 stitches. Knit rounds three and four. Knit 1, knit into front and back of next stitch -- and repeat from to end of round five; you will have 24 stitches. Knit rounds six and seven.

Knit 1, knit into front and back of next stitch -- and repeat from to end of round 8, you will have 36 stitches. Knit rounds nine through 11. Repeat pattern one time through round 15, you will have 54 stitches after round 12.

Knit 2, knit into the front and back of the next stitch -- and repeat until end of row 16, you will have 72 stitches. Knit rounds 17-19. Repeat pattern one more time, until row 24 - after row 20, you should have 96 stitches.

Knit 3, knit into front and back of next stitch -- and repeat until the end of round 25 when you have 120 stitches. Knit rounds 26 to 31. Bind off loosely.

Repeat pattern to knit back side of pillow.

Weave in the loose ends to the wrong side, so not to be visible. Seam the two sides together -- right sides together -- leaving about a third open. Turn the pillow right side out and insert the pillow form or fill with stuffing and sew the rest shut.


You can make the pillow with striping and/or textured yarn to make it more your own.


Remember to switch to circular needles when the project gets too large for the double-pointed needles.

Things You'll Need

  • Worsted weight yarn in the colour(s) of your choice
  • US size 9 circular needles, 24 inches long
  • US size 9 double-pointed needles, set of 5
  • Large-eye blunt needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Round pillow form or pillow stuffing
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