How to Fix the Printer Head in a Canon Pixma IP2000

Written by daniel hatter | 13/05/2017

The Canon Pixma IP2000 is a USB printer designed primarily for printing high-quality photos. With high-resolution printing (up to 4800 by 1200 dots-per-inch in colour) and compatibility with Windows and Mac, the IP2000 is a practical choice for photo printing. If it seems like your print jobs are becoming less clear and lines less-defined, there is a good chance that the print head is clogged. Fixing the print head will result in better quality prints.

Turn on the printer, open the Start menu on your computer, and then click "Devices and Printers."

Right-click on "Canon IP2000 series Printer," select "Printing Preferences" from the context menu, and then open the "Maintenance" tab.

Fix the print head. There are three options when it comes to fixing the print head and there is an order in which they should be done. First, click "Cleaning" and follow the on-screen prompts to carry out the standard print head cleaning process. Once complete, print out a test document to see if the problem has been fixed. If not, go back and click "Deep Cleaning" to carry out a more intense print head cleaning process. Once complete, print out another test document. If the problem still isn't fixed, go back and click "Print Head Alignment" to realign the print heads. Once complete, the print heads in your Canon Pixma IP2000 will have been restored back to their factory condition.

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