How to Make a Cake Topper Arch

Updated April 17, 2017

Making a cake topper arch can be a simple alternative to purchasing a pre-made arch topper that can be costly. By making the cake topper yourself you can choose size, materials and colour. You can also choose to create an edible topper out of candies and gum paste or modelling chocolate. Depending on your skill level in creating crafts or miniature sculptures will determine how detailed the arch you create will be. Be patient and give yourself time to practice so you do not get discouraged if the first attempt does not work out perfectly.

Mold the thin modelling wire into an arch shape. An easy way to get the rough shape is to set a can of soup on a level flat surface, align the wire against a can of soup, arch the wire over the top of the can and align the wire against the other side of the can. The length of wire you need will vary depending on the size of arch you want to create.

Mold the wire to create a smooth arch. Taking the rough shape you created before, smooth any harsh edges by holding the wire firmly in one hand and using your other hand pulling the wire between your thumb and pointer finger to create a smooth bend.

Create a second arch following the first two steps. Make sure the two arches are the same size by setting one on top of the other and aligning the arches. If one is longer than the other, use wire cutters to trim the excess wire off. The second arch is optional if you want to create a large 3-dimensional arch, if you only want a single arch ignore this step.

Cut two pieces of wire the length you want between the two arches plus an extra half-inch. Depending on your cake, the size of the arch will vary to look appropriate on top of the cake. However, a typical length between the two arches is 1 inch, so you would cut the wire 1 and a half inches long. Line the two arches, one in front of the other, tie one length of wire between one pillar of each arch, starting with the front arch securely the wire tightly by looping it around the pillar tightly a couple of times and then wrap the tire tightly around the back arch's pillar. Repeat with the other length between the other set of arch pillars. The position of the wires should be about halfway up the length of the aches.

Wrap the arches in white ribbon. Start at the bottom and wind the ribbon around each pillar and both supporting wires, leave a quarter-inch of bare wire on the bottom of each arch pillar, you can use the wire to stick into the wedding cake to support the arch onto of the cake throughout the reception. Using hot glue secure the ends of the ribbon to the wire. You can use other materials to cover the arches like; pipe cleaners, modelling chocolate, fabric or craft foam. Whatever you choose make sure that it is non-toxic and safe to have on an edible cake.


Add shiny metal bells, white doves, fabric drapes, lace, flowers or any other decorations to complete the wedding cake topper arch. If you are using a bride and groom cake topper make sure they fit under the arch before attaching the arches together. Once the arch is complete and secured to the top of the cake, fit the miniature bride and groom under the arch.

Things You'll Need

  • Thin modelling wire
  • Soup can
  • Wire cutters
  • White ribbon
  • Hot glue
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