How to Make Lips Using Type

Updated February 21, 2017

Sending a kiss through instant message, e-mail or text is relatively simple. With the Internet and text messaging being most people's primary method of communication, there are ways to express many emotions, feelings and sentiments just by typing symbols and letters. Surprise the people you love by sending a kiss or a pair of flirty lips over the wires along with your chosen sentiment. Make it sweeter by adding some hearts to the text or e-mail.

Type parentheses along with a lower case letter "L" to denote a pair of lips. The lips will look like this (I). This looks like a mouth.

Type a standard smiley face, but substitute the mouth for an asterisk to look like a kiss. The kiss will look like this :*. Another option for a kiss is to replace the mouth with an "X," which means "big kiss." The big kiss will look like this :X. Or, pair your lips with the smiley-face eyes to make a kissing mouth like this :(l).

Add some more love to your emoticon lips or kiss by putting some hearts before or after it. A heart is made by using a less-than symbol followed by a 3, like this <3.

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