Verifone VX670 Operator Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

The Verifone VX670 is a wireless, all-in-one, handheld payment device that is designed for restaurants and other food-related businesses. The Verifone VX670 is built durable and protected against drops and spills. It quickly prints receipts and features a dual-tear bar and ultra-quiet operation. This vertical mag-stripe card reader also features a large antiglare display, blue backlit keys, Wi-Fi with 802.11g technology and security protection. It is PCI approved by Visa and MasterCard for debit and PIN-based transactions and includes VeriShield file authentication.

Press the "F0" button to select a "Sale" transaction. Hold the card with the magnetic stripe facing inward and quickly swipe the card. The display will prompt you for the CSC (card security code) to proceed.

Key in the three-digit CSC on the back of the card, to the right of the signature strip.

Enter the transaction value using the number pad. Press the green "Enter" button. If you make a mistake simply press the yellow "Back Space" button and enter the correct amount.

Wait for the terminal to communicate with the bank's host system. The terminal will retrieve an authorisation code and print out a receipt.

Tear off the receipt and have the customer sign it. Compare the signature on the back of the card with the signature on the receipt.

Press the "F0" button to complete the transaction. If the signatures do not match, or the customer decides not to complete the transaction, press the "F1" button to void the transaction.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 to begin a referral transaction. You will then be required to contact the Card Clearing Center to obtain a manual authorisation. Give the operator your merchant number to continue the process.

Press "F2" once you have the authorisation code. Enter the code and press the "Enter" button. The transaction will be stored in the terminal's memory. Press "F0" to print the customer's receipt. Press "F3" to decline the transaction if you were not able to get an authorisation code.

Press "F0" for a keypad or CNP (customer not present) transaction. Enter the card number using the key pad and press the "Enter" button. Key in the expiration date and press "Enter".

Enter the transaction amount and press "Enter". Press "F0" if the customer is present, or press "F1" to indicate that the customer is not present. Enter the CSC numbers on the back of the card and press the "Enter" button.

Key in the numerical part of the customer's street address and press "Enter." Now key in the customer's postcode numbers and press "Enter."

Wait for the host to authorise the transaction and respond to the information. The display will read either "Matched," "Not Matched" or "Not Checked." Refer to your business's Acceptance Policy to decide whether or not to proceed with the transaction.

Press any key to continue. Press "F0" to print out a customer receipt, or press "F1" to store the transaction.

Perform financial transactions as normal and process the card for the transaction amount. The terminal will ask if the customer wants cash back. Enter the amount of cash that the customer requests as "Cashback" and press the "Enter" button.

Wait for the terminal to communicate with the bank's host system. The terminal will retrieve an authorisation code and print out a receipt. The cashback receipt will show the sale amount then the cashback followed by the total amount charged.

Press "F1" to begin a refund transaction. Swipe the card and enter the three-digit CSC number.

Enter the amount of the transaction that you are refunding then press the "Enter" key. The terminal will communicate with the host, obtain an authorisation code and print a receipt.

Tear off the receipt and have the customer sign it. Confirm that the

signatures match. Press "F0" to complete the refund, or press "F1" to void the transaction.


The cashback feature on your terminal is not a standard configuration and your business will need to be authorised to process these transactions. Cashback is only available on debit cards when the customer is present.

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