How to get rid of a bad crush

Updated March 18, 2017

Unrequited love can be heart-wrenching. If you have a serious crush on someone, but for whatever reason, need to get over it, it can be extremely difficult. Whether the object of your affection is simply not interested in you, lives hours away or is already in a relationship, the important thing to remember is that your crush is probably not going anywhere, so you need to move on with your life and get completely rid of it.

Destroy the fantasy. When you have a bad crush on someone, it can be very easy to get carried away and to romanticise the person. Stop imagining how wonderful your relationship with him might have been. After all, even if you had dated him, it might not have necessarily worked out. Remind yourself that your crush wasn't entirely about the specific person, but probably mostly about what he symbolised to you, such as being cared for and loved.

Hang out with your friends. Your friends can be an effective support system for getting over a severe crush. After all, chances are they have probably been in the same situation. Get all of your feelings out and listen to feedback from some of your nearest and dearest pals.

Acknowledge your emotions. To get rid of a crush, it can be helpful to realise that your situation was an emotional one, and as a result, will require a little bit of time for full healing. Nothing will get you over your crush in an instant. Emotions take time and patience to deal with, and it is not going to happen overnight. Just remember that no matter how bad you might feel right now, it will not last forever.

Stay away from your crush for a while. Until you have managed how you feel and can deal with her without feeling upset, avoid being around your crush. Seeing your crush will only reactivate how you feel and make the healing process take longer. If you used to always see your crush at the park walking her dog in the afternoon, slightly alter your schedule so you do not bump into her.

Meet other people. When you're trying to get over a crush, it can seem almost impossible to remember that there truly are a lot of fish in the sea. Get out there and be social. Open your mind to the idea of meeting new people. The world is a big place. Remember that there might be someone out there who has all of your crush's good qualities, and who is also better suited for you. Keep your eyes open and be patient.

Focus on yourself. Get busy and stop thinking about your crush by taking this time to improve yourself as a person. Begin partaking in an exciting new activity, whether it's writing poetry or playing tennis. Start working out and bettering your physical self at your neighbourhood gym (which can also raise your endorphins and make you feel much more positive about life in general).


Keep a journal. Maintain a daily diary and chronicle your feelings about your crush and your progress in moving on. Chances are, you will notice that your entries about the crush will become less and less frequent with some patience and focus on your part.

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