How to Splice Broken Wires on JVC Headphones

Updated April 17, 2017

MP3 players are great devices that allow you to listen to music while on the go, but they are also useless without working headphones. In the event that your JVC headphones meet misfortune, it's good to know how to repair them so you can get back to rocking out to your favourite music tracks. With proper instruction, splicing the wires for JVC headphones takes only minutes to complete.

Cut off any fringed ends of the JVC headphone wire using the wire cutter portion of the wire strippers. Wire strippers look like thin pliers with holes of different sizes throughout it that are used to strip different-sized wires. The wire cutter portion does not have any holes and works like scissors. Separate the handles to open the wire cutter, insert the wire between the blades, and bring the handles back together.

Separate the handles of the wire strippers again and place the wire into one of the holes. Select a hole that fits the wire tightly without severing it. Close the wire strippers around the wire, then pull the wire out from the strippers while holding the handle closed to strip the wire. Repeat this for both ends of the broken wire.

Align the two sides of each wire evenly side by side. Twist the white wires together and fold them to the right. Twist the red wires together and fold them to the left. Cover the wires in electrical tape along the non-damaged isolated area of the headphone wire. The headphone wires are now spliced and look normal with a slight bulge where the electrical tape is.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire strippers
  • Electrical tape
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