How to Quiet a Cat in a Cage

Updated March 24, 2017

Sometimes it is necessary to keep your cat in a cage. The most common type of cat cage if a cat carrier. Trips to the vet's office, vacations or moving can all require your cat to be in a cage for a long period of time. While some cats are very tolerant of being put inside a cat carrier, others are not so keen on the experience. These cats might miaow, whine or growl incessantly. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help quiet and calm down your cat while in the carrier.

Leave the cat carrier or cage out. When you only put your cat inside when necessary, your cat will associate the carrier or cage with something stressful. Let your cat climb inside and sleep in the carrier or cage each day.

Add catnip to the inside of the carrier or cage to encourage your cat to go inside.

Fed your cat inside the carrier or cage with the door open. This will show your cat that the carrier or cage can be associated with pleasant things. Don't force your cat to go inside. This defeats the purpose.

Close the carrier or cage door when feeding your cat after several feedings of your cat being perfectly comfortable inside. Only leave it closed for five or 10 minutes. Don't close the door every time you feed your cat. Just about twice a week or so.

Add soft bedding to the carrier or cage before putting your cat inside. This will help keep your cat calm.

Tie a string or pipe cleaner around the top of the carrier or cage to give your cat something to play with while inside. This induces calm and helps quiet down the cat.

Put a soft pillow under the carrier or cage in the car. Sometimes a noisy cat is simply uncomfortable from the car's vibration.

Cover the carrier or cage with a cloth, but leave plenty of air holes on the sides. This can help calm down and quiet the cat.


Never punish a cat that will not keep quiet in a cage. It can cause fear or aggression in the cat and will not be effective in achieving quiet.

Things You'll Need

  • Blanket
  • Cat nip
  • Cat food
  • String
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