How to Make a Landline Phone Go Straight to Voicemail

Constant phone calls can drive you mad if you're trying to concentrate on work or putting your feet up and relaxing. You can turn your cell phone off, but your landline will ring a fair number of times before it diverts to your voicemail service. If you want some peace and quiet, or are trying to avoid speaking to somebody, you can route calls to your landline straight to a voicemail service.

Contact your phone line provider. You should be able to find their number on any correspondence they have sent to you or online.

Inquire about setting up a call forwarding service on your landline. Some providers charge a monthly fee for providing this service while others will bill you for the cost of forwarding each call.

Set up a call forwarding service on your landline to a cell phone with a voicemail feature that you can leave turned off except for when you want to access messages. Calls to your landline will then be rerouted to your cell phone's voicemail.

Turn your cell phone on intermittently to check for messages.


Most call forwarding services can be turned on and off easily by entering codes into your phone. Calls to your landline will go straight to voicemail if you leave the receiver off the hook or the line open after a call. This can be useful if you're expecting a call at a certain time of day that you would like to avoid; the call you want to avoid will be sent to your voicemail service.

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