How to make simple dog costumes for your child

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether your child needs a last-minute costume for Halloween or has been begging to dress up like your family pet, a homemade dog costume is a simple solution. No matter what kind of dog your child wants to be, his wish can be granted with just a few supplies that you may already have and an hour or two of your time. This ensemble will astound your child, dog and wallet alike.

Find a sweatshirt with a hood in a natural colour for a dog, such as black, brown, white or tan, and pick out tracksuit trousers to match.

Flip the clothing inside out. The fuzzy fabric will create the impression of fur.

Draw long oval shapes on your felt fabric to mimic the look of floppy ears. You can trace the outside of a sock if you need help achieving the right shape. The felt should be the natural colour of a dog, but does not necessarily need to match the sweatsuit.

Cut the ears out of the felt and sew one on to each side of the sweatshirt's hood.

Draw a long, skinny triangle on your felt for a tail. Cut it out then sew it to the bottom of the back of the sweatshirt. If you would like the tail to stick out, sew pipe cleaners to the underside of the tail and bend them out. The pipe cleaners should be similar in colour to the tail.

Cut out circles of differing sizes from your left over felt if you would like a spotted dog costume. Cut out a large oval for the belly of the sweatshirt and sew the felt loosely to the sweatsuit so as not to cause damage to the clothing if you plan to remove the spots later on.

Paint your child's face. Paint a white heart shape around the mouth to create a base for the muzzle. Outline the heart shape in black and paint a few dots for the appearance of whiskers. Fill in a circle around one eye, and a black dot on the nose. Paint a pink tongue hanging out of one side of your child's mouth.


As an ear alternative, stuff two socks with batting and sew one to each side of the hood as you would with the felt. Have your child wear a pair of socks on his hands for paws.

Things You'll Need

  • Hooded sweatshirt
  • Tracksuit trousers (in the same colour as the sweatshirt)
  • Felt fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Face paint (optional)
  • Pipe cleaners (optional)
  • Pair of socks (optional)
  • Cotton batting (optional)
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