How to Attach a PDF to a LinkedIn Profile

There is only one way to attach a PDF to your LinkedIn profile. The steps involve setting up a account, installing the free application on LinkedIn and uploading a PDF to your's public folder. Once everything is set up, when you add a new PDF to your account, then your LinkedIn connections will see the files attached to your profile. Using the " Files" application is a great way to showcase your resume and portfolio in the Portable Document Format.

Log in to your LinkedIn account.

Scroll down on the right sidebar on the "LinkedIn Home" page.

Locate and click the "Add an Application" button. Select " Files" from the drop-down menu.

Check the box next to "Display on my profile" and then click the "Add Application" button. You will find these items listed under the "Application Info" section.

Sign in to your account when prompted. If you need an account, visit and create it for free. Once you have successfully created your free account, come back to the LinkedIn " Files" application page and use the newly created login credentials.

Click the "Upload" button and locate the PDF on your computer's hard drive. Click the file to highlight the item and then hit the "Open" button. You will see a progress bar indicating the status of the upload.

Click the "Close" button have you receive the "Success!" message. The PDF file should now be located in a public folder called "LinkedIn Profile."

View your LinkedIn profile and scroll down until you reach the section. If you uploaded the file correctly, the PDF will be displayed in this section.

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