How to Draw & Label Brown Algae

Updated February 21, 2017

Brown algae is a type of plant that lives in tidal pools, reef flats or on windswept beaches. It also can be located in ponds, swamps or lakes. There are different types of algae, but each contains a pigment called fucoxanthin which gives algae its brown colour. Draw a simple picture of brown algae, and then label it to note its defining characteristics. The diagram will be informative and describe the features of brown algae.

Draw a thick stem for the centre of the brown algae plant. Leave plenty of space around the stem to build up the algae's leaves and to write labels.

Illustrate the random and dense composition of the algae's structure. Add thick, flat, curly leaves shooting off the stem. The algae is not an attractive plant, so you do not need to take much care making the plant "pretty".

Enhance the curled leaf edges of the algae with shading. Hatch around edges of the curls by layering a series of parallel lines. Then use your finger to smudge these lines. This blends the pencil lines more to represent a shadowed area.

Colour in the plant with brown pencil. Vary the pressure of your colouring in to create darker and lighter shades of brown.

Write "Brown Algae" at the top of the picture to tell the reader what it is. If you know the algae's scientific name, for example, "sargassum polyphyllum J," add this below the title.

Draw an arrow to the top of the plant. Label it "common species roughly 4 to 70cm in length." Algae plants vary greatly in size according to their habitat, but are generously sized. Macrocystis is unique in that it has been measured up to 60 meters in length, however this is not a common species.

Point an arrow toward the edge of the brown algae's curly leaves. Write "smooth, wavy or straight blades" to explain the variety in leaf formations.

Add a label to explain where brown algae grows. Simply point another arrow at its stem and write, "found in watery habitats, including rock pools, beaches or the surface of ponds."

Create a final label by pointing an arrow at the plant. Label it "cells contain chlorophyll c and fucoxanthin for photosynthesise." Make a note underneath in smaller writing that this is a unique characteristic of brown algae compared to other plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Brown pencil
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