How to Unclog Spray Bottle Nozzles

Although spray bottles are designed for convenience, they are nuisances when their nozzles become clogged. Waterborne mineral deposits and hairspray resins accumulate in a nozzle's spray system, which prevent water from properly spraying out. Mineral deposits leave a white, crust-like residue in spray nozzles while hairspray resins generate sticky gunk. Since these sediments dry over time, promptly address the clogged spray bottle nozzle before the gunk becomes harder to dissolve. Unclog spray bottle nozzles using basic supplies.

Unscrew the spray bottle's nozzle to detach it. Gently twist to avoid breaking the plastic.

Hold the detached nozzle under hot flowing water for about 30 seconds. Hot water softens gunk and resins lodged within the nozzle.

Screw the nozzle onto the bottle. Fill the spray bottle with water and pump the spray mechanism several times to blast out the softened gunk, mineral deposits and resins.

Wipe the softened gunk and resins off the nozzle's exterior with a rag.

Fill an ordinary container with equal parts of pure white vinegar and water if the nozzle remains clogged. Unscrew the nozzle and fully submerge it in the vinegar mixture. Let the nozzle soak overnight. Vinegar contains acids that dissolve gunk, mineral deposits and resins.

Screw the spray nozzle back onto the spray bottle. Fill the bottle with water and pump the spray mechanism several times to blast out the vinegar solution and softened gunk.

Wipe the softened deposits and resins off the nozzle's exterior with a clean rag.


Substitute undiluted rubbing alcohol for the vinegar solution. Regularly clean spray bottle nozzles to prevent clogging.


Inserting sharp objects into the nozzle may damage it.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 rags
  • Ordinary container
  • White vinegar
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