How to Write Christian Rap

Updated April 17, 2017

Christian rap, also known as gospel rap or holy hip hop, is a type of verbal chanting or rhyming, which is often accompanied by a drum beat. Christian rappers such as Verbal Contact, Lecrae, Trip Lee and even rap superstar Nas have all included Christian raps in their music, helping to bring their message to the masses. Christian rap pays homage to Christianity and aims to spread the word of God through spoken rhymes and meaningful lyrics.

Decide on a topic for your Christian rap. You may want to focus on one specific area, or perhaps you want to rap about the entire life of Christ; it is up to you. If you are stuck for ideas take a blank sheet of paper and brainstorm.

Decide on the length of the rap piece. If you are performing it to others there may be a time limit; however, if you are writing the Christian rap entirely for yourself you have full control of the length of the rap and the entire creative process.

Take another sheet of paper and write down all the words you can think of that are associated with the topic you are writing about. To get more ideas and inspiration, you can read sections of the bible, listen to lyrics by famous Christian rap artists or study some famous Christian quotes and proverbs.

Begin to form sentences for your Christian rap. It does not matter if they are in order at this point, simply jot your ideas down on paper to get the ball rolling. You will find the more you immerse yourself in the words of the Christian rap, the easier it will be to communicate your message and string sentences together. If you are writing a rhyming Christian rap you can use the online rhyming calculator (listed in the resource section). But remember a rap doesn't necessarily have to rhyme. What is more important is the flow of the words and the message that you are conveying.

Arrange the sentences so that they follow a coherent structure and convey a story. Don't be scared to delete certain sentences if they are not working or fitting in with the rest of the rap. Read your rap through out loud several times to get a feel of its flow, and make adjustments as necessary. If you are feeling confident you can recite the rap to a friend to get honest feedback on it, then you can make further improvements.


If you are performing the Christian rap in front of an audience be sure to memorise the words until you are confident about performing it without reading it off the paper.

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